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The navigation bar is divided into three area settings: logo, menu, and search. If pictures are set in the logo area, icons and titles cannot be displayed. The settings of the menu area can be written in a separate file.

navbar: logo: # choose [img] or [icon + title] img: icon: title: menu: # The following can be written in `blog/source/_data/menu.yml` -name: blog icon: fas fa-rss url: / -name: category icon: fas fa-folder-open url: categories/ -name: label icon: fas fa-tags url: tags/ -name: archive icon: fas fa-archive url: archives/ -name: Friends chain icon: fas fa-link url: friends/ -name: About icon: fas fa-info-circle url: about/ search: search # Search bar placeholder

use data file

It is recommended to create a new file to store the configuration of the navigation bar menu. The path of the file is:


The content of the file is:

-name: blog icon: fas fa-rss url: / ...

The navigation bar menu supports nesting, the nested attribute is named rows, and the writing example:

... -name: more icon: fas fa-ellipsis-v rows: -name: theme source code url: -name: update log url: -name: hr -name: Have questions? rows: -name: see FAQ url: faqs/ -name: see the source code of this site url: -name: mention Issue url: -name: hr -name: announcements and test blog posts url: archives/ -name: sample blog url: examples/ -name: special thanks url: contributors/

Dividing line

In the submenu, a new "menu" with only name: hr will be rendered as a dividing line.

-name: hr


In the submenu, a new "menu" with only name: subtitle content (can also have ʻicon: icon for subtitle`) will be rendered as a subtitle.

-name: recent
  icon: fas fa-clock
  url: /
    -name: popular article
      icon: fas fa-fire
    -name: Design Ideas of ProHUD Open Source Library
      url: blog/2019-08-27-prohud/
    -name: ValueX: Practical safe object type conversion library
      url: blog/2019-08-29-valuex/
    -name: Design and development of Heart Rate Manager App
      url: blog/2019-07-23-heartmate/

User Exchange Area

This is only for communication between users. If you have any questions, please go to GitHub to submit an issue. Asking questions in the comment area will not receive any response from the developer!