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The _config.yml file in the theme directory is usually responsible for theme-related configuration. We strongly recommend that you use a replacement theme configuration file to prevent your configuration from being lost. So how to use instead of theme configuration files?

Step 1/2: Create configuration file

Create a new file next to the _config.yml file in the blog root directory: _config.volantis.yml, the configuration information in this file has priority over the configuration files in the theme folder.

Step 2/2: Overwrite custom configuration

When you need to modify something, such as the navigation bar menu, then you need to find the relevant content in the theme configuration file and copy it into the configuration file you created:

visiable: auto # always, auto
logo: # choose [img] or [icon + title]
-name: blog
icon: fas fa-rss
url: /

For themes installed using "npm i hexo-theme-volantis", the theme configuration file is in "blog/node_modules/hexo-theme-volantis/_config.yml"
The theme installed in the traditional way, the theme configuration file is in "blog/themes/volantis/_config.yml"

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