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Who uses Volantis


Step 1: Create a new Issue Fill in and submit according to the format

"title": "",
"description": "",
"screenshot": "",
"url": "",
"avatar": "",
"version": "版本:^4.0"

In order to improve the image loading speed, it is recommended to optimize the image size:

  1. Open compressed image to upload your own screenshot, adjust the height of the image to 360px and download it.
  2. Upload the compressed picture to 去不图床 and use the picture link as the screenshot link.

Step 2: Refresh

Come back and refresh to take effect.

how to update my blog link

  • If the issue is created by yourself, you can modify it yourself.
  • If it was created by the administrator, please create a new one by yourself, and then ask the administrator to delete the old one.

User Exchange Area

This is only for communication between users. If you have any questions, please go to GitHub to submit an issue. Asking questions in the comment area will not receive any response from the developer!