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The currently supported comment systems are: Valine, MiniValine, Disqus, Gitalk, Vssue, Livere, Isso, Hashover

comments: title: <i class='fas fa-comments'></i> Comments subtitle: service: valine # valine, minivaline, disqus, gitalk, vssue, livere, isso, hashover

A fast, concise and efficient no back-end comment system

comments: ... service: valine ... valine: appId: # your appId appKey: # your appKey js: ... See the source code for optional configuration items

Among them, placeholder supports setting in front-matter.

--- valine: placeholder: What do you think of xxx? ---

You can also share a comment box for multiple pages by setting valine.path.

--- valine: path: /wiki/volantis/ ---

A fast, concise and efficient no back-end comment system

comments: ... service: minivaline ... minivaline: appId: # Your leancloud application appid appKey: # Your leancloud application appkey ... See source code for optional configuration items

Vue-driven, Issue-based comment plugin

comments: ... service: vssue ... vssue: owner: repo: clientId: clientSecret:

A modern comment component based on Github Issue and Preact.

comments: ... service: gitalk ... gitalk: clientID: clientSecret: repo: owner: admin: # []

The method of obtaining clientID and clientSecret can be searched for the tutorial by yourself, here is only a brief description of the steps:

  1. Click GitHub -> Settings
  2. Click Developer settings
  3. Click New OAuth App
  4. Fill in the information:
    Application name Fill in whatever you want, mine is:
    Homepage URL and Authorization callback URL both write your URL, mine is:

**You can share a comment box on multiple pages by setting **

--- gitalk: id: /wiki/volantis/ ---

Disqus-The #1 way to build an audience on your website.

comments: ... service: disqus ... disqus: shortname:

Communication makes better world.

comments: ... service: livere ... livere: uid: #Your livere's uid

Check your uid here:, find the following code in [Code Management -> General Website], where the content in data-uid is yours livere_uid.

<!-- Labilee City version installation code -->
<div id="lv-container" data-id="city" data-uid="Your livere’s uid">

A commenting server similar to Disqus.

comments: ... service: isso ... isso: url:[path/) src:[path/)js/embed.min.js

A free and open source PHP comment system designed to allow completely anonymous comments and easy theming.

comments: ... service: hashover ... hashover: src:[path/)comments.php
blog/themes/volantis/layout/_third-party/comments/comment system name/layout.ejs
Write layout code here
blog/themes/volantis/layout/_third-party/comments/comment system name/script.ejs
Here to write the code to load js

contains more comment systems

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