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Generally speaking, a brand new project using the default configuration isnormal without failure. If it is not available or the effect is quite different from the example, you can use the official Hexo blog for unit testing to apply this topic to check whether the style is normal, and compare the _config.yml file to troubleshoot problems.

Hexo official unit test project:

feedback issues to developers

How to update the theme

When using themes, try to fork the theme to your GitHub, then modify and use it. The advantage of this is that when the theme undergoes an important update, you can pull and merge the code as needed, so that your DIY theme can get BUG fixes or new features through the update.

If you don’t understand, please search for keywords yourself: fork update

practical tips

All the configuration that needs to be written in the theme configuration file can be written in the theme_config: of the site configuration file, after Hexo 5.0, it can also be written in the file _config.volantis.yml, see details Hexo official documents:

You can also directly view the wording of the site configuration file in the source code of this site: _config.volantis.yml

Unable to run local preview successfully

  • There may be no installation dependencies. Please follow the steps on the "Start" page to install and install the required dependencies.
  • If some third-party services are enabled, please check whether the installation of plug-ins is required in the documentation.
  • If the error message has lastIndex, you can try to find highlight in the blog root directory configuration file and set ʻauto_detecttofalse`.

Theme configuration modification does not take effect

Please confirm whether the document requires modification to the configuration file blog/_config.yml of the blog home directory or the theme configuration file blog/_config.volantis.yml.

Theme style modification does not take effect

If the cdn service is enabled in the theme configuration file, then the modification of the local style will not take effect, and the cdn service needs to be disabled.

The modification did not take effect

Requires hexo clean and then restarts hexo s

If you install the "Related Article Recommendations" plugin, you need to re-hexo s every time you modify the md file

The style is messy after turning off the CDN

  • Please go to the "Start" page of the document to check whether the necessary dependencies are installed.

Search is not available

  • Please go to the "Start" page of the document to check whether the necessary dependencies are installed.
  • Check the root directory configuration file for conflicts with search fields.
  • If the problem cannot be found in the above two steps, please download the sample source code for comparison.

Please check whether the link in the root directory configuration file is correct, such as:

root: /

tutorials and guides

Hexo official document | Valine official document

Please be sure to read the official documentation!


User Exchange Area

This is only for communication between users. If you have any questions, please go to GitHub to submit an issue. Asking questions in the comment area will not receive any response from the developer!