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Show mini music player

The mini music player is displayed on the right side of the title. The supported fields are: server, type, ʻid`.

--- music: server: netease # netease, tencent, kugou, xiami, baidu type: song # song, playlist, album, search, artist id: 16846091 # song id / playlist id / album id / search keyword ---

see the actual effect: #contributors

Show meta tags

The date, category, update date, tags, sharing, etc. at the top and bottom of the article are meta tags.

--- top_meta: false bottom_meta: false ---

If a page has no title, top_meta will not be displayed, like 404, about pages can be completely hidden:

--- seo_title: About top_meta: false bottom_meta: false ---

Thumbnails are shown on the right

--- thumbnail: ---

The thumbnail is only displayed on the article list and article page, not on the archive page.

The icon is displayed on the right side of the title

--- icons: [fas fa-fire red, fas fa-star green] ---

The icon is only displayed on the archive page and can be used to mark popular articles.

you can set the color of the icon through red / blue / green / yellow / orange / theme / accent

Do you want to show cover

If a page needs a cover, you can write it like this:

--- cover: true ---

Show sidebar

By freely setting the sidebar card to delete the redundant information of the corresponding page, increase the weight of valuable information in the page.

If a page does not require a sidebar, you can write:

--- sidebar: [] ---

If a certain page wants to display certain sidebars, just write:

--- sidebar: [grid, toc, tags] # Place any sidebar widgets you want to display ---

Close comment

--- comments: false ---

User Exchange Area

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