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The more people participating in an open source project, the more vital it is. I hope that interested partners can join the team~

so how to become a member of the team?

To become a member of the team, the first prerequisites that must be met are: use the theme for at least one month, have been active in the community for a long time: "comment" or "Answer issues" or "Submit valid suggestions in issues".

After you meet the above prerequisites, and do what you can according to the situation, for example:

-Find and solve problems, such as raising or answering issues or submitting PR
-Improve documents, correct document errors, language errors, translation problems, etc.
-Post articles recommended topics
-Publish related articles and repost the external link to the official website or publish the article directly on the official website

You can apply for joining the team by posting in forum.

You can see the team members on the GitHub page
You can see the team members on the GitHub page

Thanks to the project contributors

thank you very much for those who directly submitted PR!

also thank those netizens who helped each other in comments and issues~

If you have a good idea or solve a problem that is not solved here, please go to GitHub to contribute code. 👏

Publish and share articles

If you have an original article related to Hexo blog construction, you can reprint it on the Volantis official website, an example is as follows:

title: Volantis theme deployment Pjax
date: 2020-05-17
updated: 2020-08-07
categories: [Development experience]
author: inkss
description: This article records all my Pjax compatibility with Volantis theme, it is probably a record~
headimg: # You can set the article head image

If you are submitting an article on the official website for the first time, you need to add author information in the _data/author.yml file, for example:

name: inkss


  1. The post is stored in the _posts/blogs/ directory, and the file name format is "year-month-day-post subject".
  2. It must be an original article with an abstract within 200 characters. (You can also not write the summary)
  3. It is best to choose an article category. If there is no suitable one in the existing category, you can add it yourself.
  4. If there is a header image, please make sure that there is only one word or phrase in the image.

Channels for communication

solve the problem

Issues@volantis-x/hexo-theme-volantisThe only channel to communicate with developers for follow-up And solve problems

please do not send mail

Developers of open source projects are disgusted that others do not use the correct channels such as Issues to ask questions about open source projects through private emails, so they generally do not reply to such emails.


Forum@volantis-x/forumSlow, relatively formal, easy to retrieve, and can be referenced by other users
QQ Group1146399464 (Verification code:vlts-2021)Informal, instant messaging, easy to fight pictures; not conducive to other users' reference

Buddhist interaction

Comment areaMessageYou can test, irrigate, and promote your blog.

User Exchange Area

This is only for communication between users. If you have any questions, please go to GitHub to submit an issue. Asking questions in the comment area will not receive any response from the developer!