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Cover height

cover: height_scheme: full # full, half ...

Currently the theme provides two home page cover height schemes, and other pages are half screen height.

Cover layout scheme

cover: ... scheme: dock # search (search), dock (dock), featured (selected), focus (focus) ...
Layout planSuitable for scene
searchFocus on search
dockMore entry options
featuredThere are about 4 options
focusThere are about 4 options

Default display settings

cover: ... display: home: true archive: false others: false # can be written in front-matter'cover: true'

Since the homepage and archive are automatically generated by hexo, you need to set whether to display the cover in the theme configuration file, while other pages can be set in front-matter by setting cover: true/false to determine whether to display the cover or not Cover.

User Exchange Area

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